2014 Iinternational NCD Child Conference

On behalf of NCD Child, I should like to invite your organisation to participate in the 2nd International Conference on NCDs and Adolescents being held from the 20 – 21 March 2014, in Port-of-Spain. Organised by NCD Child and hosted by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the theme of the Conference is Doing What Needs To Be Done and will bring together experts and advocates from multiple sectors to chart a roadmap to help governments and organisations prioritize children and adolescents in all NCD and related matters.

NCD Child (www.ncdchild.org) is a coalition of organisations and individuals, many experts, committed to the rights and well-being of children affected by NCDs. In March 2012, NCD Child organised the first international conference focused on NCDs and children and adolescents. Since then, in line with the commitments in the Conference Declaration, NCD Child has been engaged in advocacy for global policies that address the rights of children and adolescents affected by NCDs.

There is no doubt about the urgency of addressing the issues affecting children and adolescents.

You and/or your representative/s are invited to attend the event. You can register for the event via the NCD Website: www.ncdchild.org and follow the links to the conference website.

We would be happy to provide additional information and clarification. I can be reached at kate@clanchildhealth.org or via the conference secretariat at ncdchild@willorganise.com.au.


We encourage you and your members to consider submitting an abstract for the meeting. Full details can be found on the conference website. Closing date for abstracts is 9 February.

I look forward to welcoming you to the NCD Child Conference and talking with you further.

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