SA Heart Congress 2014 and The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Join Forces

The 15th Annual SA Heart Congress 2014 will provide a platform for 21 leading
International Faculty guest speakers, amongst which is the ESC faculty (European
Society of Cardiology), Professor Fausto Pinto, Dr William Wijns, Professor Thomas
Lüscher and Professor Stefan Anker who will be sharing “Hot Messages” on key clinical
issues and breaking clinical trials from the annual ESC Congress, which will be held in
Barcelona, Spain in September 2014.

There are three popular pre-congress workshops on Thursday 16 October, Cardiology
Update for non-cardiologists, the Joint Mayo Clinic / SA Heart State of the Art
Imaging Workshop and the Peri-operative and Peri-interventional Transoesophageal
Echocardiography (TOE) workshop by paediatric cardiologists. We invite delegates to
register online to secure their places as soon as possible.

Congress chair, Dr Sajidah Khan, has indicated that in addition to parallel sessions
catering to Special Interest Groups such as the interventional society, arrhythmia society,
cardiac surgeons and allied professionals sessions to name a few, a new session dealing
with vexing or complex clinical cases / images has been included in the programme.
This session will be conducted in a ‘call for cases’ format.

The 2014 SA Heart Congress hopes to address a larger audience, with cardiac
anaesthetists participating in a session titled “Let the Team Meet”.

“Medical professionals with an interest in cardiovascular diseases stand to benefit
greatly” Dr Khan states, “as leading experts have condensed the most up-to-date
information into the three and a half day congress. An added bonus is that Durban
is one of the few cities in the world where a major urban metropolis is located within
a sub-tropical resort setting.”

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